Bent Al Hoda Hospital


Bent Al Hoda Hospital

Pioneer in “Health Tourism”
Today, the Bent-Al-Hoda hospital is one of the well-known hospitals in Khorasan province. This hospital has a recognized activity on the field of “Health Tourism” and is prepared to provide medical services to patients from other countries.
By the start of new management and due to interest of the patients of the neighbour countries to receive up to date treatment in this hospital, we have decided to activate new fields with a unique vision on the new industry of”Health Tourism”.

By providing the following facilities we have tried to have a world class center in our hospital:
– Low cost specialist and subspecialist treatment comparing to other countries, even neighbour countries.
– Providing tour packages for visiting the magnificant city of Mashhad and other places of IRAN.
– Ability to access a well-trained and professional medical staff besides high qualified paramedic section, fluent in English and Arabic languages.

Available Service

  1. UROLOGY: TUL-TUR-kidney stones-Male infertility, Endoscopic procedures
  2. OPHTALMOLOGY: LASIK – PHACO – Corneal transplantation – optometry
  3. ORTHOPAEDICS: Congenital Anomalies – Knee & Hip joint replacement – Arthroscopy (knee & shoulder)
  4. ENT: Cosmetic Nose Procedures – Ear Problems – Hearing loss
  5. OBS & GYN: painless NVD – NVD by presence of Spouse – Endoscopic Procedures
  6. PHYSIOTHORAPY: Ward with state of the art facilities for rehabilitation of patients With musculoskeletal problems
  7. DIALYSIS: Hemodialysis ward with high grade technology and subspecialty supervision
  8. NICU & NURSERY: First neonatal vistit by neonatologist in Delivery room
  9. COSMETIC SKIN CLINIC: This laser clinic with modern technology provide many cosmetic packages like hair removal, rejuvenation of skin – hair implantation
  10. IMAGE CENTRE: Radiologic & Songographic Image by supervision of Qualified staff
  • Bahar Street , Mashhad , Iran

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