In the past, imperfections on one’s body were either accepted and embraced or covered up with makeup. Today it seems that every other day a new procedure is made available to the masses promising things like “get rid of cellulite”, “banish wrinkles” and the like. There are procedures for almost everything imaginable that will help you shed pounds, clear your skin and make you look younger and better. Plastic, surgery, liposuction and laser treatments are just some of the procedures that are available. One of the procedures which is gaining popularity these last few years is Botox. Botox is administered without the use of anesthesia and it usually only takes a few minutes to do the procedure depending on what it is you are getting done. A fine needle is used to inject it into the skin. Botox is the best alternative to getting a face-lift. It is less invasive, cheaper and the results are instant. Botox is used for many things including:
  • Filling in wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, to make them less visible.
  • Erasing frown lines around the mouth.
  • It is used under the arms to control excessive sweating.
  • Corrects crossed eyes.
  • Helps to correct other deformities in various parts of the body.
  • Botox is also helpful with many other non-cosmetic ailments such as back and neck pain and even some forms of depression.