Dermabrasion, also known as surgical skin planing involves removing the top layers of dead skin by using a Freon spray to freeze the skin before “sanding” the skin with a special instrument. This abrasive action helps to smooth out any skin irregularities and allow new layer of skin to form which replaced the treated area.Dermabrasion is an aggressive skin resurfacing procedure that can only be performed by a certified dermatologist who will used a hand-held device attached with rotating rough wheel to remove the living layers of skin. Dermabrasion is an effective cosmetic procedure in removing acne or post-surgical scars, chicken pox scars, tattoo scars, skin lesions, precancerous growths. Besides, it also helps in smoothing out the effects of chronic sun damage, facial wrinkles and correcting skin pigmentation issues. In fact, only one dermabrasion procedure is needed to remove the skin imperfections.