Indian Visa For Citizen of Iraq

Embassy of India Baghdad issues Tourist, Business, Employment, Student, Medical and other types of visas to applicants who are resident of Iraq.

Documents required for processing Tourist Visa applications

1) One printed copy of the online visa application form with a recent photograph (2″ x 2″ – White background. The applicant must sign in the column under the photograph and on the last page.

2) Original passport with at least two blank pages and minimum 6 months validity from the proposed date of entry in India.

3) Copy of profile page of passport. If applicant is holding dual nationality, copy of profile page of both passports.

4) Copy of Iraqi national ID.  Non Iraqi passport holders need to provide a copy of their recent Iraq visa/visa extension page.

5) Confirmed return tickets.

6) Proof of availability of funds/bank statement for the duration of stay in India.

7) Applicants who are not resident in Iraq are required to fill in the PERSONAL PARTICULARS FORM available at the end of these instructions in addition to the Visa application form.

NOTE: Tourist Visa is non-extendable, non-convertible and there should be a gap of 2 months between two successive visits to India for the nationals of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, foreigners of Pakistani origin and Stateless persons.



Medical Visa is issued for the purpose of seeking medical treatment in recognised/specialised treatment centres in India. Medical documents establishing the need for medical treatment in India along with the acceptance of treatment from a recognised medical institution in India are necessary to consider grant of Medical Visa. Proof of availability of sufficient funds for the treatment and duration of stay is also essential. Applications not supported by these documents will be rejected.

Additional documents to be submitted along with Medical Visa application:

1. Offer of treatment from recognized Hospital in India.

2. Recommendation letter from treating Doctor from Iraq to undergo treatment in India.

3. Proof of financial standing/availability of money to spend during the stay in India.

Time required for processing: Minimum one working day.


Medical Attendant visa is issued to family members/attendants of patients(Maximum 2 persons) who are granted Medical visa to undergo treatment in India.